A wide range of CALPIS® "可爾必思®" brand products, including CALPIS® "可爾必思®" Concentrate, the soft drink CALPIS Water® "可爾必思®水語®" and the low-alcohol drink CALPIS SOUR® "可爾必思莎瓦®", are sold in Taiwan.
CALPIS® "可爾必思®" products are sold not only to retail stores but also to juice stands and restaurants.
CALPIS® "可爾必思®" is enjoyed widely in Taiwan.

4F-3, No. 126, Sung Chiang Road, ZIP 10485 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel. +886-2-7702-0088
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Product Line

CALPIS® "可爾必思®"

CALPIS® "可爾必思®" Concentrate is a non-carbonated concentrate made from powdered skim milk and lactobacilli with a sweet, tangy taste.
You can enjoy CALPIS® by adding water, milk, fruit juice, etc.

CALPIS Water® "可爾必思®水語®"

A non-carbonated soft drink made from powdered skim milk and lactobacilli. It has a sweet and tangy taste.

CALPIS® Carrot & Apple "胡蘿蔔と蘋果の可爾必思®"

CALPIS®-based drink with carrot and apple juice and dietary fiber. Suited for breakfast.

CALPIS SOUR® "可爾必思莎瓦®"

CALPIS®-based carbonated alcoholic beverage with a light and refreshing taste.

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